How to Join/ What you Should Know

Interested in playing roller derby or in being a referee or volunteer?

Come learn the skills and get the information you’ll need to be an effective and indestructible skater or referee. Can’t skate? No problem! We will teach you everything you need to be an effective and efficient skater.


-We practice every Tuesday from 8-10pm at the skating rink in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay
*Note: Makeup Rain/Typhoon Day-(Thursdays at YMCA Jordan)

Start Up Expenses
-The initial costs for derby are the greatest. You will need to purchase your own skates and protective gear which will run about $2,000. A site we recommend for buying new gear is ( ). They offer fast same day shipping and should arrive within a week. We recommend starting out with Ridell R3 skates as they are reasonable priced and will last about two years. For padding/protective wear we recommend Triple 8 or 187s.

Dues/ Monthly Fee (We currently do not charge dues, but in time, dues will be about $100 per month per person)
-As with any team, team dues or a monthly team membership fee occurs. These dues (fees) go towards training, practice space rental and other things related to our team. It is important that everyone pays dues even if they are going away for holiday as we are still a small team and need all the support we can get.

Being part of HKRD is much more than just showing up to practices and skating. Although skating is an important aspect of our team we hope that each and every skater would participate in the committee side as well. Our team is run, owned and operated by the skaters so that means we are in charge of making sure our team runs as smoothly as possible. We are responsible for planning promotional events, finding sponsorships as well as planning and executing bouts. Being part of HKRD, we hope that each skater would join a committee suited to their own interests and skill sets and help our team flourish.

Contact Buffy at to sign up or get more information on the next Freshmeat Information Session.